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Graduate of Full Sail Recording Arts 

Class of 2018 

My name is Franklyn "thearchitectflo" Lombeyda and I plan to leave my imprint in this industry. I'm an Independent Artist, enjoy Music Production, and Recording & Mixing Music. My range of genres is as wide as Hip-Hop to Classical Piano and even Acoustic Singer-Songwriter records.


I started out my career back in 2010 when I began my training as a classical pianist, but I soon discovered that my gifts extended far beyond playing Chopin and Beethoven. It was from this point that I set on this journey to not only be a student of all things music, but also aid anyone that I could in their musical endeavors.


I can promise an experience that is yet to be matched by any of my peers. The knowledge that I posses is invaluable for those looking to create and release a musical product at the highest level.

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