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Sunflower (Paradise)

The sun painted the sky a soft peach color

How it set on your skin made me forget for a sec that time exists

Or rather, remember how much time you spend in it

you make my heart beat in rhythms i didn’t know were possible 

you don’t understand your power

Grace and beauty like a wild sunflower

You see, truly, I could explore that field for hours

As I snap back to the moment, our eyes lock and we light up

Your smile, you can’t contain it, like being told your first secret as a child

never underestimate the universe because it let you just waltz into my life

And allowed you to win me over in 3 nights and 4 days

that’s me exaggerating but you broke me down quickly

Now in this world nothing will ever be the same

Did we just stumble into paradise?

See the blessings, count them twice

Let me hold you close, while we stare at the horizon

Step away from the shore, there could be a riptide 

Ask me anything, i am an open book for you to explore 

Analyze every chapter, until the one where life introduced you

Because how the rest goes is a mystery or rather

We can choose our own adventure and not fold under the pressure

i’ll finish this novel despite all of its imperfections

all of the plot holes and contradictions

could never measure to our connection

but hold on,

 we don’t have to rush though 

take everything super slow, 

cuz we like watching the flowers grow

the storms may come but the raindrops fall off the petals

we can listen to them while they hit the ground

see how they nourish our garden and new roses color the background 

there’s never a dull moment when you’re around

you add the rainbow to these skies that have been so monotone

i would know, yeah, i would know 

because i’ve been staring at this blank canvas for too long

hoping to be inspired by the passing clouds

watching how the grey gradates to light blue and pastel yellow and pink

then i sit back and think

reminiscing on how you drank that cherry wine

but i preferred your orange liqueur

damn, i am addicted and would probably drown in it given the opportunity

right now it’s just you and me taking on whatever obstacles the world throws at us

step by step we march forth even if we get lost like the hebrews in the desert 

we don’t have to know where we are going,

only sure that we are walking the same way

with you by my side ain’t a thing that’s gon make me break

so why don’t you stay a little while?

we can truly explore this paradise together

see how far past the horizon it really goes

Untitled #23

I am not very good at this game

I don't know what the pieces do

Don't understand how to make a move

It's driving me a little bit insane

Yet you perfectly understand the cadence

You did set the board after all

And invited me over to participate

Eagerly awaiting my response

I don't really like this game now that I know the patterns

And realize I was set up to lose from the start

Yet, I still played along with hopes that it would be different this time

My naivety got the better of me


You stood up and walked away when you got bored

That was a flash decision, gave me some whiplash

I thought that we should finish this

I want to know who the winner is

We should have written a play instead

At least then I'd know what my role is 

And I'd be able to do what I do best

Act like I don't give a shit

Pretend like nothing phases me

Even though it's just me being stoic

Knowing I'm dying inside

Feels like I've been buried alive

This is my brain being poetic

Because your touch is where my medicine is

It's the penicillin that I ain't have in a minute

Which turned to hours, days, weeks, months

Speaking of turns, isn't it your move to make now?

Sorry, I got distracted and hella spaced out

Is it just the Wires in the Way now?

The reason that I'm Still Blue?

I don't really know but 

I've just been dealing with a whole lot of bullshit on my end

It just seems to be all for life's amusement

I need your help sorting through the confusion

Just some patience, understanding while I'm on the edge of losing

Need a second of peace, but the world won't stop moving

Like the hands on this clock that I can't rewind

Maybe all we need right now is time

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